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LIST #94 NONCHART, COUNTRY-WESTERN, and CHRISTMAS documents have now been updated to reflect items that are sold out, and remaining items have been repriced.  Work needs to be done on the rest, yet.

If you have trouble opening any documents, I can also send them to you in .rtf or .txt format.  Please tell me, if so.


in effect, which means that all people, USA and foreign, should email or write me first to ask what is available, and I will respond. 

FRANK MERRILL///SATURDAY NIGHT RECORDS, 1333 West Devon Avenue PMB501, Chicago IL  60660 U.S.A. (But, I will probably direct you to use my address in Macomb IL instead, if you send me an inquiry before October-or-so, when I write back to you with details of your results/costs.)  EMAILING first is very important.  DO NOT SEND ANY POSTAL MAIL TO CHICAGO AT THIS TIME because I'm not there in September.
Email Address:  fmerrill   PLEASE remove all numbers 444 

[CLICK HERE]  LIST INTRODUCTION, TABLE OF CONTENTS (reference only), ramblings, happenings, fun stuff, etc.   

link disabled for the season]  ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS, TIPS and SUGGESTIONS, TIMETABLE, TUTORIAL  - some things, also, that will help you get the best ordering results!


This is the current status of available records in 2020!

If you have trouble opening any documents, I can also send them to you in .rtf or .txt format.  Please tell me, if so.

PART ONE:  RECORDS *NO DISCOUNT* - Nonchart links no longer disabled!  I've corrected the mistakes:


.TXT (PLAIN TEXT) VERSIONS OF ALL DOCUMENTS IN THIS SECTION: - click on (plain text) links - any computer will open these, but they're rather crummy due to lack of formatting!

             Introduction/Ordering Instructions (plain text) But...*IGNORE* ordering instructions for the time being!  ALL customers, whether USA or overseas, should now write first. due to "Off-season" instructions.

             NO DISCOUNT, AND FULLY UPDATED:  Huge nonchart section   (plain text)  (described below in .doc format section, and IDENTICAL items)   **REVISED AS OF 05 SEPTEMBER** 

             [ONLY PART TWO IS DISCOUNTED 40%; parts 1 & 3 NOT discounted]:  Country and Western (plain text)   **REVISED AS OF 05 SEPTEMBER**  

             NO DISCOUNT AND NOT YET UPDATED:  Halloween, monsters, occult, witchcraft, etc. (plain text)

             NO DISCOUNT AND NOT YET UPDATED:  War, Milirary...Vietnam...etc. (plain text

             NO DISCOUNT, AND NOT YET UPDATED:   Movies, TV... (plain text)

             NO DISCOUNT, AND NOT YET UPDATED:  Pop, Easy Listening... (plain text)

             **40% DISCOUNT**, AND NOT YET UPDATED:   Novelty and Topical (plain text)

             **40% DISCOUNT**, AND NOT YET UPDATED:   Billboard Charted/All Charts (plain text)

             NO DISCOUNT , AND NOT YET UPDATED:    Billboard...1989 and later (plain text)

             NO DISCOUNT , AND NOT YET UPDATED:   Christmas/Holidays (plain text**REVISED AS OF 05 SEPTEMBER**

             NO DISCOUNT, AND **FULLY UPDATED**:   Punk/New Wave etc. (plain text)

             Other plain text documents, including versions of the 40% off records in the second group, are available on request!

FULL-FORMAT DOCUMENTS IN .doc FORMAT: (Microsoft Office/Word, or Libre Office, required to open)  

[CLICK HERE] HUGE NONCHART SECTION—THIS SECTION IS STILL WILD, even after I've removed A FEW THOUSAND sold items...FURTHERMORE, MOST PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED between 35% and 60%!  So please don't ask for further discounts in this section.   NO DISCOUNT, AND FULLY UPDATED///I've  already reduced the prices enough that even DEALERS should have a lot of fun picking up stuff they can "flip" for higher $$.   This link was intentionally disabled for a couple of weeks.  There were mistakes that needed to be fixed!

[CLICK HERE]COUNTRY AND WESTERN—You will see a LOT of Fifties, and definitely you’ll have a good time here. This section is one of the largest I’ve ever done, and it includes a bunch of 78RPM (an experiment!), and a section of GOOD CHARTED TITLES mostly Fifties..  You should have fun.  Except for some truckin'  records, almost everything is older than 1963.  THIS DOCUMENT HAS ONLY BEEN PARTIALLY UPDATED.  Sold items in the first section (NONCHART C&W have been removed, and remaining items are listed with slashed prices (as with Nonchart above).   NO DISCOUNT ON "UPDATED: PARTS ONE AND THREE, BUT "PART TWO" IS NOT YET UPDATED (and 40% DISCOUNT PART TWO ONLY):

[CLICK HERE]  HORROR, MONSTERS, HALLOWEENThis is a another substantial list, because I’ve processed more parts of the alphabet from my personal collection.  There are still some things I keep and don’t list, but not many.  NO DISCOUNT YET, AND NOT YET UPDATED

[CLICK HERE]   WAR, MILITARY, TROOPS (VIETNAM, COLD WAR, VARIOUS CIVIL WARS, WATERGATE, OIL...) There was proven to be enough interest in these, that I’ll keep doing this section.  This year’s is even LARGER THAN LIST #93!  Again, so much stuff from all my old inventory, add up…NO DISCOUNT AND NOT YET UPDATED

[CLICK HERE] MOVIES, TV, SHOWS AND PERSONALITIES—This section isn’t huge, but I’ve thrown in a LOT of records which have picture sleeves!  Those who like picture sleeves, should do well here. NO DISCOUNT AND NOT YET UPDATED

[CLICK HERE] POP, EASY LISTENING AND NON-ROCK—This section is one of the largest ones I’ve ever done, of this genre!  There are actually TWO SECTIONS HERE:  (1) usual noncharted pop and jazz, and (2) THIS IS NEW, Billboard charted hits 1949 to 1955 (and occasional later pop that charted).   Before this list is finished, you’ll see THREE SEPARATE “chart” record sections that I have never done before anytime in the past:  pop, country (above), and 1990’s stuff (below)!  NO DISCOUNT AND NOT YET UPDATED

[CLICK HERE]  NOVELTY AND TOPICAL (ALL TYPES)—HUGE SECTION again this year!  This is probably my second-largest novelty section since 1988(?), only surpassed by last year’s list.   You will have a lot of fun here!  NOTE THAT MY GAY/HOMOSEXUAL COLLECTION IS LISTED IN ITS USUAL SECTION, but this time about 160 items - this was promised last year!  Many rare, and BID items, etc. in it.   This is the first time the "punk list" has ever been considered a part of my vintage list but, again, I can do it because LACKING A PAPER LIST, there are no page constraints.  40% DISCOUNT...BUT, in the gay section, DO NOT try for the punk records.  ALL of those are gone...

[CLICK HERE] BILLBOARD CHARTED HITS *ALL CHARTS*!!1954 to late 1980s...THERE’S A LOT OF GREAT STUFF HERE, and everybody should look here.  I’ve kept this section heavy with Bubbling Under, for those collecting that chart, too.  You can expect a large charted section, always, on future lists until whenever my final vintage records list is (currently targeted for 2022)   **40% DISCOUNT** THOUGH NOT YET UPDATED, MANY TITLES REMAIN YET

[CLICK HERE]   BILLBOARD CHARTED HITS - 1989 and later!   This is a new never-before section.  This is entirely Billboard Chart records (Hot 100) from VERY LATE, after vinyl became difficult to find.  Collectors of this should enjoy this!  NO DISCOUNT, AND NOT YET UPDATED.

  CHRISTMAS/HOLIDAYSTHIS IS MY LARGEST CHRISTMAS SECTION EVER!  You’ll see a substantial part of my personal collection (which I’m starting to divest) when you reach the B’s, and onward.  NO DISCOUNT, AND NOT YET UPDATED.

[CLICK HERE]  PUNK/NEW WAVE/POWERPOP/ALTERNATIVE - More than 1,100 listings.  ALL RECORDS in this selection *will never appear on a paper catalog*, these are all at full price without discount.  This is now considered part of List #94.  I've never done that before, but without page constraints, I CAN this year.  NO DISCOUNT, AND THIS HAS BEEN **FULLY UPDATED** AND SLASHED PRICES, ETC.


PART TWO:  RECORDS *40% DISCOUNT* - bargains galore!!

ALL DOCUMENTS HERE ARE AS "UP-TO-DATE" AS HUMANLY POSSIBLEPlain text (.txt) versions of any documents in this section, which can be read on all computers, are available by request.

THESE are records with DEEP DISCOUNTS.  These documents (PROBABLY:  Charted, novelty, and War) may become a "revolving archive" of sorts - some time in Fall 2020 most (or all) of the other documents may disappear, possibly replaced/overwritten with new ones,.  RECORDS LISTED IN THIS GROUP OF LINKS ARE 40% DISCOUNT ON ALL DOCUMENTS.  THIS SECTION.  These are all titles which appeared on List #93 (and the FIRST one is from List #94 in 2020), most of which Iwill be gone by 2021...I have a buyer for many of these this year, though WAR, NOVELTY, and CHARTED may be maintained in this section until 2022, not sure....  Have fun!!
       [CLICK HEREHUGE NONCHART SECTION [records from 2020 - from List 94]--ALL RECORDS ON **THIS DOCUMENT** are ALSO 40% DISCOUNT (as are ALL documents in this group)!
       [CLICK HERE]   HUGE NONCHART SECTION [records from 2019 - from List 93]--ALL RECORDS ON **THIS DOCUMENT** are ALSO 40% DISCOUNT!   Yes, you found a GOOD deal here, for cheap stuff...have fun here, guys!  I ADVISE ORDERING FROM THIS BATCH, IF INTERESTED AT ALL, SOON.  I will probably entirely sell off and delete this batch in October.
        [CLICK HERE] COUNTRY AND WESTERN (pre-1965)...AND TRUCKIN' (all eras) [records from 2019] - This is mostly Fifties, and definitely you'll enjoy this if you collect this genre.   Except for the TRUCKIN' records, almost everything is older than 1963.  Note that I have not yet brought forward any 2020 leftovers yet; that is likely to happen later.
      [CLICK HEREHORROR, MONSTERS, HALLOWEEN  - There's still some fun stuff in here! 
       [CLICK HERE WAR, VIETNAM, OIL CRISIS, HOSTAGES, SOLDIERS/PEACETIME, COLD WAR, ETC.  There was enough interest shown in these in 2018, that I am continuing with this section.  This section will continue to be large, because I always have stuff to add.   I *may* maintain this document (and NOVELTY, CHARTED below) until 2022.
       [CLICK HERE]  MOVIE/TV MUSIC, PERSONALITY -  small section of remaining records.
small section of remaining records.
This section retains the usual categorical headings. which I've been using for about a decade now. 
If you have a want list for NOVELTY,  please go ahead and ask.  I have at least 20,000 such records that will never be listed.  I may maintain this document until 2022.
        [CLICK HERE]  "BILLBOARD-CHARTED" RECORDS/ARTISTS **ALL CHARTS EXCEPT COUNTRY...TONS OF SOUL!!** - There is still a very substantial base of GREAT records in here! Not giving label/number (because you already know it, generally) allowed me to list an additional 3,000 titles.  This section will be large in 2020 and 2021, but very little OR NONE may be added in 2022.  These identical records won't be on a NEW list again, unless I fail to notice occasional duplications.  I may maintain this list until 2022, not entirely sure.
[CLICK HERE]  CHRISTMAS AND OTHER HOLIDAYS AND CELEBRATIONS (Records from 2020 - from List 94) - Stuff from the list from late spring 2020, which I will acoid ever listing again, so this is your only way to get these from me.  Some of these may also be in older Archives.
         [CLICK HERE]  CHRISTMAS AND OTHER HOLIDAYS AND CELEBRATIONS (Records from 2019 - from List 93) - These are items which remain from List #93.  I hope to combine this and List #94, eventually, into a single document.   The 2020 description, above - some of therse titles may also be in Archives.  Too easy for that to happen.   
NONE OF THESE ARE ON PAPER CATALOGS, and will not be - unless there's random duplication.

         [CLICK HERE]  GOSPEL AND RELIGIOUS 45's - You will find about 400 records in this section.  Contrary to my usual approach, THESE are listed by LABEL instead of by artist.
This link will take you to a page which has LINKS to AROUND 15000 MORE RECORDS of all types!
No additional documents have been added to the Vinyl Vault section since 2016.  On these documents, probably around 70% are available now.  (Please do NOT expect good results on soul or popcorn!)  As I have done on other PART TWO links above, these are also all 40% discount.